Top Traveling Trends To Watch For in 2020

Top Traveling Trends To Watch For in 2020

Where did people go to in 2019, and where are travelers headed to in 2020? Traveling is quite dynamic and keeps on changing with every year. For a good experience, a savvy traveler knows how to figure out where the masses are headed to since those are the places guaranteed to satisfy their traveling thirst. But with so many destinations to head to and many experiences still to be lived, it can be confusing and challenging at the same time to settle on a destination. Here is a look at some of the traveling trends that prevailed in 2019 – and which are still potentially rife for new travelers, as well as the new trending destinations for 2020 and trending traveling gadgets worth watching out for.

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Travel Destinations that trended in 2018

If you didn’t make it to the following destinations in 2019, then you probably missed out on the top trending destinations for that year. However, all is not lost, and you can still visit them to find out the charm they had which made them trend-:

Bournemouth, UK – this seaside resort along England’s southern coast was one of the most visited destinations in 2019. The magnificent seascape, warm microclimate, and the buzzing nightlife were some of the major attractions to Bournemouth.

Da Nang, Vietnam – Vietnam is a fast-growing vacation destination, and the city of Da Nang was the most visited city in 2019. It boasts of gleaming waterfronts, century-old architecture and magnificent greenery all around. It is a piece of paradise right here on earth.

Oita, Japan – if you travel to Oita in Japan, you will find some of the most amazing hot springs and the best seafood in the world. These could have contributed to the surge of visitors it had in 2019.

Edmonton, Canada – Edmonton is within a driving distance from the Canadian Rockies. This gorgeous city is Alberta’s capital, and its charm is unexplainable unless you make an actual visit to find out on your own.

Trending Destinations for 2020

With the year still brand new, if you desire to visit the traveling trends destinations in 2020, then here are your best shots-:

Peru – Peru has a lot to offer and it easy to understand why it will be trending destination for 2020. It is the home to the majestic Machu Picchu, amongst other lost Inca towns. Visit to connect with history and appreciate the olden ways of life.

Mexico – almost every traveler wishes to visit Mexico, and if you have never made the trip south, then let it be on top of your list for 2020. Whether it is food, history, and culture or you want to enjoy sun and sand, Mexico has it all.

Albania – Albania may not be very popular, but no one will deny that it has some of the most soothing beaches in the world. For a long time, only keen European travelers visited it, but it has now become an exotic vacation destination just like Spain or Greece.

Rwanda – Millions are enthusiastic to visit Africa, and for 2020, Rwanda is where the majority of visitors to Africa will be heading to. It is your home of untamed wildlife and unprecedented safaris in Africa. This is to mention that it is where you will find the politest people on the continent.

Top Trending Traveling Gadgets

Every traveler desires to have a certain degree of comfort during their trips. This is why people carry more than just clothes during their trips. Some need a good camera to take great photos, others need sleeping aids, while others need survival accessories to help them while in remote places.

Though preferences are wide and varied, here is a look at the top trending traveling gadgets and some of the items people like to carry when traveling-:

Portable water purifier – falling ill can turn an otherwise great trip into a nightmare, and since the leading causes of sickness during trips is drinking dirty water, why not have your micro-filter bottle set so that you drink clean water at all times?

Compressed towels – these allow you to reduce the volume of your luggage so that you can carry slightly more than you would bring with the regular towels. They are ideal if your packing skills are below average.

Thermal blankets – this is another trendy accessory that is gaining tractions among traveler worldwide. The blanket can retain and reflect 90% of the body heat. If you are a camping enthusiast, this is one thing you must never miss among your camping essentials.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker – those long train or bus rides across the Sahara can be very dull after the talking is done, and all you can listen to is the roaring of the engines. That’s when you will need the portable Bluetooth speakers to help you out. They can also be handy during the lazy evenings when the weather is, and you are restricted to your rooms.

Sustainable Traveling Trends

One of the most popular names on both social media and the news is Greta Thunberg. What does Greta Thunberg have to do with traveling, you may ask? It seems like she’s ushered in a new travel trend, flight shaming. According to The Globe and Mail, “Swedish may not be the lingua franca of the aviation world, but ask any airline executive about the term “flygskam” and they’ll likely know exactly what it means.”

Flygskam – Swedish for “flight shame” – is a growing environmental movement that highlights the flight sector’s carbon footprint, putting pressure on Canadian carriers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while managing the cost of passenger guilt.

If you are an avid traveler who is also an enviromentalist, it may be time to start looking deeper into your transportation methods. Hopefully airlines will find a way to be more fuel efficient, and find a solution for everyone.

Stay up to date on traveling trends and visit trending destinations

Don’t wait to be left behind with the trends. Be sure to jump on board as soon as possible. You will find a myriad of amazing things to see and enjoy in the trending destinations. This is because they have something unique to offer to the travelers and that is why they are trending. On gadgets, you should also strive to at least have a couple of them. They are convenient in many ways, and they will help you make the most out of your traveling endeavors.

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