How to Keep Food Cold While Camping

Our 4 Secret Methods For How to Keep Food Cold While Camping

Camping trips should be some of the most amazing experiences for people who love adventure. Many things, however, can go terribly wrong in a camping expedition, especially if you fail to plan well in advance. The last thing you want to experience while camping, for example, is food poisoning. When you have food poisoning, you feel like a weight lifter just punched you in the stomach, making you lose control of your bodily functions. The risk of food poisoning while camping is high because there is usually no proper refrigeration in the outdoors. Therefore, you need to learn how to keep food cold while camping.

It can be annoying having to buy bags of ice for your coolers during your camping trips. Therefore, it can be challenging keeping your drinks and food cold during a camping trip. If you want to learn how to store food while camping to prevent it from going bad, here are a few tips.

4 Tips for Keeping Food Cold while Camping

  • Avoid Bringing Perishable Food

This is not as simple as it sounds. It can be difficult to go without fresh food for several days in the great outdoors. Without refrigeration, dairy and meat will go bad quickly. Fortunately, you can bring some alternative feeds with you on your camping trip to get your recommended daily protein fix. 

Instead of beef, for example, you can take some beef jerky or summer sausages. If you love cheese, go for aged, firm cheese such as Gouda or cheddar instead of soft cheese like brie or mozzarella. However, you will need to carry plenty of water because firm cheeses and dried meats are high in sodium. 

  • Buy a Good Quality Cooler

The price of most high-end portable coolers is high; however, if you love camping, it is worth the expense. Such coolers are durable and lightweight, and can keep food cold for nearly two weeks. In addition, you can use a high-performance cooler for years. Most cheap coolers, on the other hand, are quite fragile and might break down after a few camping trips. 

Bringing along a high-end cooler should be at the top of your planning list. This, however, will depend on your budget and number of people you are taking with you. Portable coolers come in different capacities, features, and prices. If possible, choose a cooler with thick walls and good insulation to prevent the ice from melting. In fact, you might need to take two coolers with you if you have a large camping party.

  • Avoid Opening your Cooler too Often and for too Long

Obviously, your cooler will experience a lot of traffic during your camping trip, especially your drink cooler. Therefore, warm air will constantly go in and cold air will escape as you open and close the cooler. The warm air getting into the cooler will end up melting the ice. You should open your cooler only when necessary to prevent food spoilage. 

  • Use Block of Ice

Another great trick for how to keep food cold while camping is to use blocks of ice instead of tiny ice cubes. Large ice blocks melt slower since they have smaller air-containing surfaces. You will find them in many stores. You can even make them at home by adding water to a plastic container, covering it, and then putting it in your freezer. 

Few things are more exciting than going on a camping trip with your friends and loved ones. Not worrying about your food going bad is an added bonus. Keeping your food and drinks cold while camping will save you from food poisoning, food spoilage, and embarrassing situations. Therefore, you need to arm yourself with the essential tips on how to keep food cold while camping. 

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