Plan a Glamping Trip: How to Make Camping for Girls More Stylish and Fun

What is Glamping and How you Can Plan your first Glamping Trip

Glamping, or glamorous camping, is a trend towards upscale outdoor experience. It takes everything about regular camping up a notch such as eating on real plates instead of paper plates and outfitting the camping site with unexpected luxury items. While this type of camping may turn away diehard, old-fashioned campers, it is fun way to involves others who may not enjoy roughing it out of doors. Use this glamping trip guide on what to bring and what to do to plan a small glamping trip or to transform a longer RV excursion.

The Essential Glamorous Packing List for a Glamping Trip

For any camping trip, there are certain supplies that must be packed. Items such as tents, portable stoves, folding chairs and hygiene products make living outdoors for a few days safe and comfortable. Packing for a glamping trip, however, goes beyond basic comfort levels to include the style of home and luxury of hotels. Here is what to include on a glamping packing list for a luxurious camping experience.

  1. A large tent is critical. Choose one that is sturdy and big enough to walk into. Bonus points if it comes in a fun color or cute print. You want it to be big so you can fit what you need for a comfortable sleeping experience.
  2. Forget the sleeping bag. Instead, pack blankets, comforters and pillows from home to create a soft, inviting place to sleep. If you’ve got an extra large tent you could bring an air mattress.
  3. Bring along a few rugs to cover the plastic floor the tent creates. Plastic mats or indoor/outdoor doormats placed outside the tent entrance keep dirt from tracking inside. It will also make it softer to sleep on.
  4. Include a few special amenities to add to a food prep setup. All of the following items up the glamping quotient: portable grill, retro-style cooler, printed dishtowels and girly apron.
  5. For a better dining experience, replace standard camping tableware with these fun choices: fabric table linens in a pretty print, dishes in kitschy patterns (no paper plates) and vases for a centerpiece of flowers picked on site.
  6. Consider lighting for the nighttime. A campfire is essential but other stylish gear such as battery-operated or electronic lanterns and votive candles in glass holders add a glamorous touch.

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Our Favorite Glamping Recipes for your Trip

Without the convenience of a restaurant on every corner, planning meals while on a camping trip tends to consist of hot dogs, convenience foods and roasted marshmallows. While there is nothing wrong with this simple food, a glamping trip requires more upscale cuisine. With a portable grill and stovetop, it is surprising what kind of recipes can be created at a glamorous campsite. These foods are perfect for eating at a well-dressed picnic table.

We’ve got a detailed review of some of our favorite camping cookware. Check it out here.

Grilled Steak Tacos
Cheddar Cheese Toast
Roasted Baby Corn
Baked Bananas

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