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Anyone who visits this blog is going to be interested in travel. So I thought, what better way to help my readers travel than to give them a chance to win a free vacation? Globe Trotter Guides is helping Tour Radar promote their monthly free vacation contest, and this month it is a great one. You have the choice between 4 different 8+ day vacation packages (all expense paid). All you need to do to enter is submit an e-mail. You can even submit multiple e-mails to increase your chances of winning. If you are the lucky winner, you and a friend will experience a trip of a lifetime. When you’re ready to enter, just click the banner below (or the other ones on the page). Continue reading if you’d like more information.

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free vacation

An Example of a Free Vacation that Tour Radar offers

During the month I wrote about this free vacation giveaway, there are 4 different packages you can choose from.

Package one – Summer Dutch Delights (Amsterdam)

  • Explore the beautiful maritime city of Hoorn.
  • Discover the picturesque lanes and canals of Enkhuizen.
  • Visit the traditional Netherlands windmills in Kinderdijk.
  • Marvel at modern architecture in the city of Rotterdam.

Package two – The Three Rivers (Frankfurt)

  • Visit the red stone city of Mainz, Germany’s wine capital.
  • Explore the winding cobblestone streets of Rudesheim.
  • Sip on vintage German wine as you relax on your cruise.
  • Experience the bustling metropolis of Dusseldorf.

Package three – Delights Of The Rhine & Moselle (Dusseldorf)

  • Take a stroll through traditional German vineyards.
  • Experience the spectacular views of the Rhine.
  • Indulge in a Moselle in the oldest wine region of Germany.
  • Cruise past quaint fairytale towns full of history.

Package four – Windmills and Tulips in Old Netherlands (Amsterdam)

  • Get lost wandering the cobblestone streets of Haarlem.
  • Gaze upon colourful fields of Netherlands tulips.
  • Explore the old city walls of gorgeous Schoonhoven.
  • Pass through charming picturesque medieval towns.

free vacation

Keep in mind that Tour Radar changes these destinations every month. But the instructions on how to get a free vacation stay the same. Let’s take a look at those instructions now.

Instructions on how to win a free vacation

Step 1: Enter in an e-mail address (You can enter multiple e-mail addresses)

Enter an e-mail in the box

Step 2: Enter your name, age, and select the tour package you want

Fill in the needed info!

Step 3: Share the contest on social media (increases your odds of winning) – Optional

You can click “Skip this step” if desired.

Step 4: Participate in their treasure hunt (increases your odds of winning) – Optional

You can click “skip this step” if desired.

Step 5: You’re done!


Good luck to all those that enter. Remember, the more you enter the higher chance you have at winning!

free vacation

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