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Updated Free Survival Gear Giveaway List

When the COVID-19 situation went from something worrisome to the level of a pandemic, cities and even entire states began locking down. Things happen in this life that we don’t always have control over whether it be a pandemic or natural disasters. This being said, if you don’t already have a bug-out bag it may just be time to get one together. One of the awesome things about survival sites is that they are often running special deals, as well as, giving away free survival gear too. In the case of the recent pandemic when people are locked down with stay-in-place orders it may be time to create a bug-in bag to go along with the bug out bag. Check out some of this free survival gear, it’s amazing! 

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The Survival Grenade: 

survival grenade

No, it’s not actually a grenade but it might blow your mind and it’s pretty dope. This compact survival kit includes 15 essential survival items all wrapped up into one small grenade shaped package with a clip on key ring so you can attach it to your pack, key ring or belt loop. Whether you’re simply into the great outdoors or upping your survival gear this might be something for you. With this free survival gear item you will have everything you need (aside a fishing pole) to catch and cook your dinner. The survival grenade includes an incredible amount of free survival gear items such as:

  • 9 Ft. of Paracord
  • Carabiner
  • 2.25 Inch Scalpel
  • Alcohol Prep Pad
  • 1 Sm. & 2 Lg. Fishing Hooks
  • 2 Fishing Floats
  • 2 Fishing Weights
  • Fishing Line
  • 2 Jigs
  • 2 Safety Pins
  • Needle
  • Wire
  • 1 Sq. Ft. of Aluminum Foil
  • Ferro Rod Firestartes
  • Tinder

You can get The Survival Grenade for free by clicking here!

Black Karambit Knife

black karambit knife free

You don’t have to be a survivalist to get free survival gear. The Karambit knife would make a sweet addition to a knife collection, as well as, a bug-out bag. This knife offers a sleek and discreet design and a razor sharp blade. A full tang provides maximum strength. (A knife tang is essentially the backbone of a knife, it is the bottom portion of the blade that extends down into the handle.) From the tip to the handle you’re looking at 7.4 inches. The Karambit is durable, lightweight, and strong. This is the perfect EDC defense tool making it great for everyday carry. It can be used for hunting, fishing, camping, and overall general use. The blade is extremely sharp! It has an ergonomically designed handle making it comfortable to hold. The material used to make the knife makes it stainless and rust proof too. Along with the knife you will get a protective sheath and a quick access neck cord. If you think of a traditional free survival gear offer, you’re probably thinking of a great knife. And that is exactly what the Black Karambit Knife promotion is.

You can get The Black Karambit Knife for free by clicking here!


The SharpCard – Credit Card Knife: 

The SharpCard - Credit Card Knife: 

What would be an awesome free survival gear promotion? What about a clever life-saving tool? Whether you need to cut open a package or protect yourself this SharpCard might be the way to go. Imagine someone coming up behind you and demanding you to hand over all of your money. So you pull your wallet out of your wallet or purse and pretend to give them your money. Then you reach for the SharpCard and… good night. This card is a quick and discreet form of protection. The SharpCard was designed to look like a credit card and fits right into your wallet like on too. The sleek and discreet ultra slim size is only 2mm wide equipped with a surgical steel blade. It wouldn’t take much to do a little damage. The quick and easy conversion provides a protective handguard and it comes with a built-in safety sheath. It is waterproof and rust proof to boot.

You can get The SharpCard for free by clicking here!


Survival Life Waterproof Lighter:

Survival Pro LifeStryke waterproof lighter

This 100% waterproof lighter can start fires virtually anywhere. It is made out of solid stainless steel, making it almost indestructible. This lighter comes with a clip on attachment, lifetime guarantee, and replaceable flint. It has an incredibly high temp flame of 600-degrees Fahrenheit for a quick start regardless if it’s wet out. The striking temperature registered at a whopping 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit making it easy to spark a flame in the cold, wet, and damp weather. This all-in-one waterproof lighter strikes and burns hot. The long-lasting durability is capable of providing 15,000 long burning strikes when used properly, that’s a lot of fires. It comes with a travel clip so you can clip it to your belt loop, pack, or even your keychain. It is great for emergencies and everyday use. A lightweight and durable firestarter for free? Sounds like the perfect free survival gear offer to me.

You can get this Waterproof Lighter for free by clicking here!


Survival Business Card:

Survival life business card knife

Nope, it’s definitely not a business card but it will definitely fit right into your wallet like one. This piece of free survival gear comes equipped with eleven functional tools all in one. It is actually the size of a business card and it’s super handy.It is made out of durable stainless steel, it’s compact, and easy to use. If you don’t carry a wallet no worries, it has a keychain/lanyard hole so you can carry it in multiple ways. Here are the 11 functional tools, can opener – knife edge – slotted/flathead screwdriver – ruler – bottle opener – 4 position wrench – wingnut wrench – saw blade – direction ancillary indicator – 2 position wrench. Whether it’s a survival situation or just some everyday projects this survival card can show that you mean business.

You can get The Survival Business for free by clicking here!


Firekable Paracord Bracelet:

firekable paracord bracelet

This bracelet is far more than just an interesting accessory. Those who see it being worn have no idea what lies beneath or within, they will think it’s simply a wristband or bracelet. Within this bracelet you will find a ferro rod and striker tucked neatly in place. The ferro rod strikes at over 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit making it easy to start a fire when it’s damp or wet out. The paracord that is used to make the bracelet is mildew and rot resistant. There is over 80-feet of fully functional cordage that can be pulled out and used in emergency situations. It’s also looks pretty cool because it is worn as an accessory and doesn’t really add any weight at all, making it great to wear for hiking trips and camping trips too.

You can get The Firekable Paracord Bracelet for free by clicking here!


Hybeam Zoom Flarelight:

hybeam zoom flarelight

This tactical flashlight with zoom in capabilities is awesome. The light output is so bright it’s almost blinding and it only needs standard batteries to power it. It is small enough to fit in your pocket and it provides a lifetime of durability. The high quality manufacturing makes it great for the outdoors, camping, hiking, around the house, and in your vehicle. It’s made using durable military grade aluminum, Flarelight LED bulb, focusing convex lens, cooling fins, a switch cover, and an O-ring seal. The adjustable zoom reaches up to 1100 feet thanks to the armored telescope lens. It uses one single AA battery, it’s waterproof, shock proof, and weather resistant. So, whether you’re trying to see what’s 1100 feet in front of you or blind an intruder this little beast will definitely do the trick.

You can get The Hybeam Zoom Flarelight for free by clicking here!


Hybeam Flashlight: 

hybeam flashlight

Small enough to fit into your pocket yet bright enough to light up a room. The YAG bulb is insanely bright and the flashlight features a 3 stage switch with high, low, and strobe light options. The strobe light is great if you are trying to signal for help. The body was designed using Aircraft aluminum and it is waterproof and shock resistant. But wait… there’s more. This flashlight doubles as a self-defense weapon.The beveled edge allows you to clock someone if you need to in order to protect yourself. Fight off the darkness and attack all at the same time with one free survival tool. The light is also super bright, and could potentially blind someone if shone in their eyes.

You can get The Hybeam Flashlight for free by clicking here!


The Micro-Hybeam Flashlight: 

hybeam micro flashlight

This tiny version of the original Hybeam flashlight is a mere 3 ounces in weight. It is so small it can fit in your pockets pocket. It might be tiny but the ultra bright YAG LED bulb is blinding and can last up to 30,000 hours before it blows out (if it blows out). This itty bitty flashlight allows you to see up to 170 feet away. It has a simple tail cap button for easy off and on switching. The Micro-Hybeam is also waterproof for up to 50-feet deep. Finally, It is only 3.5 inches big or should we say 3.5 inches small, which makes it plenty portable. 

You can get The Micro Hybeam Flashlight for free by clicking here!


Our Final Thoughts on These Free Survival Gear Offers

If you’re in search of some free survival gear you might want to take a look into some of these or all of these items. You never know what you’re going to find along the way. Whether you’re a survivalist or just someone who likes to be prepared (aren’t they the same thing?) there’s bound to be something on this list you want to add to your collection. 

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