Cruising 101: Five Cruise Tips To Make Your Holiday Better

Make Your Cruise The Best it Can be With These Great Cruise Tips

People think that once they book their cruise vacation, their work is done, but that is not true. There are a few cruise tips that can enable cruisers to have truly great on-board experiences. In this article we are going to share the 5 things you need to know before boarding a cruise.

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Cruise Tip 1: Arrive Early

Cruise ships don’t allow passengers to board until a specified time, but they should arrive early to ensure that they will meet the ship. Cruise ships don’t wait for every passenger. Boarding closes 60-90 minutes prior to sailing and anyone left on land will miss the ship.

Many passengers must fly to join the ship. That creates an extra problem if flights are canceled or delayed. Cruisers may lose money by paying extra to rendezvous with the ship at another port. Flying into the port of departure the night before the ship sets sail will give travelers plenty of time to join the ship in case of flight problems.

Cruise Tip 2: Including Airfare May Not be the Cheapest Option

Customers have the option of including air fare when booking their cruise, but that is not always the most inexpensive option. The best way for vacationers to maximize their money is to compare the price of the cruise with airfare included versus purchasing the cruise and airfare separately.

Cruise Tip 3: Book Shore Excursions and Specialty Dining Early

Cruisers can book shore excursions on-board, but the most popular excursions fill up fast. Sometimes an excursion is sold out before the ship sets sail. Therefore, cruisers should book their shore excursions before they board the ship. Passengers should book their excursions online or through one of their vacation experts as soon as possible.

Just like shore excursions can book up before the ship sets sail, so can specialty dining restaurants. Many ships have special restaurants outside of the main dining room that serve anything from sushi to French cuisine. If passengers want to eat at those restaurants, they will have to book them early because reservations can fill up quickly.

Cruise Tip 3: Purchase a Drink Package

Dining on cruise ships is primarily all inclusive, yet many cruisers are surprised to discover that drinks are not part of the package. Drinks are expensive, therefore purchasing a drinks package is necessary. It allows passengers to enjoy an unlimited amount of beverages or purchase certain specialty drinks at a discounted price. The price for a beverage package varies depending upon the length of the cruise and the type of package purchased, but buying a beverage package will save passengers a reasonable amount of money.

Cruise Tip 4: Read the Newsletter

Cruise ships have on-board newsletters which are distributed to all of the passengers’ cabins. It contains a wealth of information, from informing guests about the weather at their next port to the night’s entertainment, and enables passengers to instantly know what is occurring on the ship that day and in the near future.

Cruise Tip 5: Last-Minute Salon and Spa Deals

Many cruise ships have lavish spas that charge a price comparable to the salons and spas on land. Yet ships’ spas have one advantage that the spas on land don’t, incredible discounts. On the last full day of a cruise, passengers can find salon and spa deals for 40% off and more. It is a great time for travelers to enjoy some last-minute pampering before their vacation ends.

If passengers do a little planning before they board their cruise, they can have an even better time on their ship than they anticipated and avoid unforeseen headaches. With the help of these 5 cruise tips, you will be an expert before you even board.

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