The Best Travel Hashtags of 2020

Finding The Best Travel Hashtags for Your Blog in 2020

Is your trip all planned and now you’re visualizing the experience? Maybe you just got back from a long adventure. Either way, a great part of traveling is sharing the pictures you take on social media. Are you doing it to go viral? Or are you just doing it to show off to your friends? Either way, Globe Trotter Guides has put together a list of the best travel hashtags of 2020 in an attempt to help make more viral posts. These travel hashtags will help you get more followers and increase the visibility of your posts. Also, keep reading past the hashtags section if you want to know our secret methods to finding viral hashtags and growing your travel instagram account.

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The Best Travel Hashtags of 2020

These hashtags are popular for almost any travel photo. We generally use 3-5 of these depending on the post.

  • #postcardsfromtheworld
  • #optoutside
  • #solotravel
  • #goexplore
  • #wonderfulplaces
  • #travelbug
  • #wanderlust
  • #momentsofmine
  • #travelstories
  • #roamtheplanet
  • #traveltheworld
  • #instatravelling
  • #mytravelgram
  • #traveladdict
  • #globetrotter
  • #travelphotography
  • #lovetravel
  • #travelpics
  • #travelwithfriends
  • #travelinspiration

The Best Backpacking And Adventure Hashtags

  • #backpacker
  • #backpacking
  • #backpackingstory
  • #backpackerlife
  • #adventureseeker
  • #simplyadventure
  • #wildernessculture
  • #makemoments
  • #discoverearth
  • #beautifuldestinations
  • #staywild
  • #instapassport
  • #exploretocreate
  • #instabackpacking
  • #livetheadventure
  • #siezethemoment
  • #travelnomad
  • #explorewithme

The Best Beach Hashtags

  • #beachtime
  • #tanning
  • #shore
  • #beachbum
  • #lovetheocean
  • #foreversummer
  • #oceanviews
  • #beachsunset
  • #beachday

The Best Camping Hashtags

  • #campingout
  • #campingfun
  • #campingweekend
  • #campingseason
  • #campinglove
  • #campingwithkids
  • #campingvibes
  • #campfire
  • #campeveryday
  • #campinglife
  • #campingcollective
  • #campingofficial
  • #campingadventures

The Best Road Trip Hashtags

  • #ipulledoverforthis
  • #roadtrip
  • #takethescenicroute
  • #windowsdownmusicup
  • #hittheroadjack
  • #letsgo
  • #passtheauxcord
  • #openroad
  • #roadtrippers
  • #roadtripwithme
  • #roadtripvibes
  • #roadtonowhere
  • #roadtripgoals
  • #ontheroadagain
  • #roadtripjunkie
  • #roadtrippersonly

Things to Consider when Selecting the Right Hashtags for your Post

The hashtag popularity and your account size should be considered. Compare your account size to the number of posts under that hashtag. Your account size (in followers) should be 10-20% of the total number of posts. For example, there are 355,953 posts tagged with a hashtag. So, based on our previous statement, accounts that range anywhere between 35k (10%) and 71k followers (20%) will want to use this hashtag. Here are 4 best practice ideas to follow when choosing the best travel hashtags for your post:

1.) Choose relevant travel hashtags according to your page size

2.) Use those hashtags that reflect your goals and niche

3.) Use hashtags to invoke emotion, inspire or motivate people

4.) Stay away from very large hashtags if you have a small page (like #love)

Using Travel Hashtags Sets to Make Life Easier

If you’re scrolling through a bunch of hashtags you may want to put them into hashtag sets. This helps you:

1.) Break them down into different sizes (for example a set of hashtags from 100-200k, 200-500k,500k-1M, etc.).

2.) Use (sub) niche sets (backpacking, luxury travel, solo travel, Europe, American, Asia, etc.).

3.) When applicable you can organize them in calendar themed sets (a set of Mondays posts, Throwback Thursdays, Happy hour Fridays, etc.).

4.) By identifying the content (video, photo, drawing, art, etc.).

Our Final Tips for Going Viral With the Best Travel Hashtags of 2020

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One Last Expert Tip on Find Travel Hashtags for 2020

Before you upload your photo onto instagram, first open up Instagram. On your home page, type in any of the hashtags here that you like into the search bar. I will provide an example using the travel hashtag #travelnomad. You should see a result that looks similar to this (minus the poorly drawn arrow):

best travel hashtags 2020

All of these related hashtags are a great way to find current viral trends for you to attach to your latest travel photo. If you follow this route, there is an endless trail of the best travel hashtags of 2020 just waiting for you.

We always suggest to check out some Instagram pages in order to find the latest trending travel hashtags. There are always new and trending hashtags on social media. So before you post, spend 5-15 minutes studying some of the more popular travel Instagram accounts and viewing their posts. They will often be using the best travel hashtags that are viral at the time. Take a look at our instagram page for some ideas!

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