Best Hiking Jokes

The Best Hiking Jokes For 2020

When you’re own the trail with your friends talking about life in nature it can be such a pleasant time. The fresh air seems to bring new life to you (well, when you’re not struggling up the hills). During such hikes one thing that I always appreciate is a good sense of humour. We are on a little journey after all. As an avid fan of both hiking and humour, I have scavenged the web and put together some of the best hiking jokes I could find.

My Favorite Hiking Jokes

These have to be my favourite jokes to tell when people ask for my best hiking jokes:

My friend Ted and I were out hiking in the woods. I was a little depressed over my losing my job as an English teacher and felt I needed the fresh air to clear my mind.

Well, on our hike, we came across something so incredibly sad, it put to bed all of my own problems. There, lying on the trail, was a beautiful and majestic Appaloosa stallion lying on the ground. It had obviously been there for some time and was nearing death. Vultures, silhouetted in the crisp blue sky, circled above.

I looked at the horse; he looked at me. We had an understanding. He wanted us to put him out out of his misery. But before I raised my fist, the stallion rested his head, closed his eyes, and whinnied his last.

Somewhat relieved, I told Ted what we must do now: we had to make sure.

My friend was shocked. He looked over his shoulder frantically “Who,” he demanded, “Who should beat this dead horse?”

I looked him in the eye, placed one hand reassuringly upon his shoulder and said:

“You and I, Ted.”


What’s the difference between a day hiker, section hiker, and a thru-hiker?

A day hiker see’s some food on ground along the trail and walks by

A section hiker stops, dusts it off, and eats it

A thru hiker stop, picks it up, eats it, and then digs for more


Two hikers encountered a big black bear. The hikers became afraid and begun to run. The bear gave chase. One of the hikers said to the other hiker as they both were sprinting away, “Do you think we can out run this bear?” The other hiker said while panting, “I don’t know. I just have to out run you.”


If everybody who said they loved hiking on their dating profile, actually loved hiking, can you imagine how busy the trails would be!?

Best Hiking Dad Jokes

These are some of the best hiking joke dads that I’ve heard:

I made a playlist for hiking. It has music from Peanuts, The Cranberries, The Allman Brothers and Eminem. It’s called my trail mix.

Mountains aren’t just funny, they’re hill areas

These Mt. jokes give me a Rushmore than others.

I went backpacking last weekend. It was in tents!

Don’t worry about the volcano, it’s not very active


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