Backpacking Guide to Turkey

Globe Trotter Guides Backpacking Guide to Turkey for a 2019 Trip

Turkey is an amazing, wonderful and enriching experience for travelers because of their friendly Turkish culture, ancient tradition, wonderful places and destination that will make you enjoy to visit Turkey. The country has inspried us to make this backpacking guide to Turkey, which we hope will help you in planning your trip.

This backpacking guide in Turkey will help the travelers along their trip to this fascinating country. This country will ensure you that you will enjoy your visiting here, and the beautiful places there will leave an unforgettable impression and experience on you. If you’re planning to visit or to make an unforgettable experience in Turkey, you should be aware. You should know first where is the destination you should visit there, travel tips, the reason for visiting and the very important is how you save money while exploring to this wonderful nation.   

Turkey is not only for experiencing the beautiful places but also learn and treasures their traditions and ancient values.

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Top 10 Reasons to Visit Turkey

Here are the top reasons why you should visit turkey.

  1.  Food

Turkey has very delicious foods to savor your taste bud. This is suitable for vegetarian people and also for non-vegetarians.

  1. Bazaars

For all Shopaholics people, this is suitable for them. They can stroll down the considerable bazaars in Turkey. Their local markets have exciting things at affordable prices.  The more product to buy, you will get a discount.

  1. Coffee and Tea

If you are coffee and tea lovers Turkey is perfect for you. Don’t ever miss the Turkish coffee on how they made it.  

Tae is like medicine in turkey because they called this as an elixir of life.  Plenty scopes of tea flavors are also available at different stores.

If you want to try the tea choose apple tea because most tourists loved this flavor.

  1. Spices

The Mediterranean spices smell will feel you spellbound. It’s hard to mention an appetizer that you will not find here.

For all chefs, this is the best place to choose and buy confidential spices to add glamor on your recipes.

  1. Turkish delights

For those sweet lovers, Turkey is best for you. Mouthwatering delicacies we’re available with or without sugar.

I recommend trying Turkish lokum.

  1. Experience the Turkish Culture

Turkey offers a decent scope of diversity. This country is one of the very cosmopolitan countries all over the world.   

The oldest evidence and the legendary city of Troy are present here. Traditions and modernism have coexisted in Turkey.

  1.  Architectures

Turkey is a land in which east and west were merged together into a single or one country. You will see or visit the beautiful mosques, churches, and chapels.

The best way to feel a better experience is the Bosporus River in Istanbul.

  1. Hammams

After a very exhausting day, the Turkish bath is a must for every traveler.  They have a delightful Ottoman Style design architecture.

This is a beautiful and amazing way to relax while cleansing and massaging your body.

  1. Very Friendly Turkish People

Turkish people are hospitable and sociable as they are, many Turkish friends are all you demand as your colleagues.

  1. A journey for discovering yourself

Turkey is a suitable and perfect place for all solo travelers to be the source of joy and discover yourself in this wonderful journey of self-love.


Turkey’s Cities will never fell you disappointed.  Friendly and welcoming Turkish people and delicious food cuisine await you, and Turkey’s cultural heritage will make you enjoy the unforgettable and memorable experience.

  1. Istanbul

Istanbul in Turkey is the most remarkable cities all over the world. You can find enjoyable traces of Romans, Greeks and, Venetians widespread about town.  In this city, you can visit and see the beautiful buildings, fantastic palaces and delightful mosques that you see today. Packed all ancient sights like the popular church which is the Byzantine of Hagia Sophia, It is enjoyable to visit.

There is also an excess of a luminous bar, restaurant and nightlife choices for visitors to take a rest. A magical place to experience better, Istanbul’s friendly population will make you fall in love in no time.

Istanbul Archaeological Museum, Galata Tower, Basilica Cistern, Chora Church, Suleymaniye Mosque, Dolmabahce Palace, Topkaki Palace, Grand Bazaar, Hagia Sophia and, Blue Mosque are top 10 tourist attraction or destination in Istanbul.

  1. Antalya

The Antalya’s coastline appearance absolutely stunning and has a spectacular view of the mountain off at the distance. This is a very wonderful city that you must visit for you to feel and encounter a better experience. Roman Era harbor was one of an adorable place to take the sea breeze and to take off. There are also many nice beaches that are the best and perfect for you to relax.  

Tunek Tepe, Lara beach, Old marina, Yivli Minaret and, Karaalioglu Park are some of the most visited places in Antalya.

  1. Alanya

Alanya is located at a south coast. It is a famous place that you must visit; many companies offer inexpensive package tours in the country of Alanya. You will surely enjoy visiting here because of the sea and the sun. It has also an adorable waterfront, many extensive historical sights, and the scenic looks. You can also enjoy the boat trip in one minute.

  1. Kusadasi

Kusadasi is a fun and lively city that you should not be missed to visit. It is also a popular tourist destination, the companies that run here is the plethora of package tour. There are also a lot of hotels, bars, restaurants and, nightlife for all visitors for them to enjoy.

The Dilek Peninsula National Park is perfect for you if you’re looking to soak yourself in nature.

  1. Bodrum

Bodrum is one of the fantastic city that you will surely enjoy when you’re planning a trip here in Turkey. There are a lot of picturesque looks and nice beaches that you should try to visit.

This city will make you enjoy and relax because of its fantastic places such as the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, Yahsi Beach, Bardakci Beach, Windmills, Zeki Muren Arts Museum, etc.

Our Final Thoughts on a Backpacking Trip to Turkey

Having time to relax is very important for us. So, if you’re planning to have quality time together with your family and friends this country is perfect for you to feel the better experience and enjoy the beauty of places in Turkey. I will ensure that you will encounter an unforgettable and memorable experience because of the nice beaches, park, chapels, architectures and other places here in Turkey.

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