Backpacking Guide to Nepal

Your Backpacking Guide to Nepal For 2019

Nepal, one of the mountainous country in Asia. It is a landlocked country between India and Tibet. This country is rich in beautiful culture, landscape, and trekking trails. Nepal is also considered as one of the smallest countries in Asia, but despite this, Nepal is well-known as an extreme destination for trekkers and hikers because of its mountain peaks. Mount Everest is located in this country which is the tallest mountain and the Kanchenjunga as the third tallest mountain in the world. This article is designed to be your backpacking guide to Nepal for 2019. Let’s start with some of the best activities to do.

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Top 10 Best Activites you can do in Nepal

  1. Trekking in Mountain of Nepal

Because Nepal is the best trekking routes in the world, you must not miss trying mountain climbing in this country. 5 Days is the shortest treks in Nepal and 12 days is the longest trek you can experience.

Here are some best hikes and treks that you can do in Nepal;

  • Everest Base Camp
  • Three Passes Trek
  • Manaslu Trek
  • Kanchenjunga Trek
  • Great Himalayan Trek
  • Annapurna Sanctuary Trek
  • Gokyo Trek
  • Poonhill Trek

But if you want some simple but still challenging adventure we recommend the Island Peak or Mera Peak which both reach more than 6,000 meters high that can hike even without prior mountaineering experience.


  • Mount Everest Helicopter Tour


If hiking or trekking is not your kind of adventure but you want to experience Mount Everest this is what you can do. Mount Everest Helicopter Tour is available for you to try, this tour allows you to get close and see the 360-degree panorama views of Mt. Everest and some majestic peaks like Mt. Ama Dablam, Mt. Cho Oyu, Mt. Pumori and other mountains.


  • Chitwan National Park Tour


This is also a must see place in Nepal and the best chance to see animals like bears, 500 species of migratory birds, Bengal tigers, Asian elephants, and one-horned rhinos. Experience to ride in an elephant or an extreme safari tour.


  • Kathmandu City Tour


Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal, an area where you can explore this Himalayan country heritage sites, historical temples and shrines.

Here are some places you can visit in Kathmandu;

  • Thamel

A commercial hub and the busiest place in Kathmandu where you can find everything, street food, restaurants and shops that sell some mountain gear at bargain prices.

  • Kathmandu Durbar Square

This is the landmark of the city, where the king’s palace is located. Durbar Square is also known as Hanuman Dhoka and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • Patan

It is traditionally known as Lalitpur or the City of Beauty. Patan is an old town valley with the finest collection of temples, monuments, and places which is an absolute architectural treasure.

  • Boudhanath Stupa

This is considered the most sacred places in Nepal. Here you can see the giant Buddha eyes and colorful prayer flags.

  • Swayambhunath Temple

Major landmarks in Kathmandu City and known as Monkey Temple, this temple offers a breathtaking view of the City Valley.


  • Bardia National Park Tour


Bardia National Park is beautiful and largest wildlife area in Terai. This 968 sq.kms park area is one of the biggest tiger habitats in Asia where you can also see rhinos, elephants, crocodiles, dolphins and 250 species of Birds.


  • River Rafting at Bhote Koshi River


Another extreme adventure that you can try in Nepal is the River Rafting in Bhote Koshi River. This is a two-day rafting adventure where you can experience the best short river trips in the world.


  • Kayaking in Seti River


Beside Bhote Koshi River there is also the Seti River where they offer a kayaking adventure. The tour starts at Phewa Lake and ending at Chitwan National Park. While kayaking you can also see the spectacular beauty of nature and riverside scenery.


  • Pashupatinath Temple Tour


Pashupatinath is now known to be the most important temple in Hindu. This temple has a classic pagoda design with beautiful carved rafters, four silver doors, and gilded rooftop. You just allowed to explore the outside exteriors and beautiful surrounding of the temple because this area is strictly prohibited for non-Hindus to enter the temple premises.   


  • Adventures in Pokhara


You can do many things in Pokhara, this place offers not just their beautiful scenery but also adventures that will complete your journey in Nepal. You can try here some boating, kayaking, sunbathing, paragliding and a mountain trekking.


  • Biking at Kathmandu


Beside of trekking and a tour in Kathmandu, you can also definitely try Mountain Biking. This city also offers bike-friendly spots for visitors to try challenging biking excursions, one of the best places to do this is in Shivapuri National Park. Another popular place to try mountain biking is in Kathmandu to Nargakot and Annapurna Circuit which gives you’re a real extreme challenge.

Some Basic Tips for A Backpacking Trip to Nepal

Nepal is a perfect destination because it safe and cheap and great way to experience adventures and tourist areas. But besides all the beautiful places and activities, you can plan for your trip to Nepal. No backpacking guide to Nepal is complete without some advice. So, here are also some basic tips that you need to help navigate you around Nepal.

  • Money

The exchange of dollar to Nepal’s currency is $1USD=100NPR. No worries because hotels and restaurants in Nepal accept credit card and ATMs are available anywhere but most of the machines charge higher fees.

  • Visa

It is easy to get a visa on Nepal, you just need to fill up the application form and paying the appropriate fee, where also available in Kathmandu Airport. They accept other currency such as USD, EUR, and AUD.

  • Budgets

Nepal is an affordable country to visit, there are places that are cheap and accommodating, some markets, and hotels. There is also a package of tours and trekking permits at a lower cost. There is a room that is available at an average of 1000NPR for 2 person that is convenient for couples and you can spend estimated around 60-80NPR per meal.

  • Transportation

There are some bus, tricycles and German autobahns that you can ride to explore the places of Nepal. Some of the bus tours cost 600NPR in more or less 8 hours travel.

  • Weather

December to February is winter in Nepal, which experiences extremely cold weather that is not advisable to go on a trek. March to May is the dry season and the peak month for some trekking adventure. June to September is the wet season and most of the places are slippery and dangerous for trekking and biking. And October to November is a popular season to visit Nepal because of the good temperature and clearer views.

Our Final Thoughts on Planning a Trip to Nepal

Experiencing Nepal is absolute a one of a kind adventure to everyone. Besides being a mountainous country and best travel destination for extreme adventure you must try also the delicacies and proudly Nepal made foods, and experience the friendly and hospitality of the people in this country. Hope this backpacking guide to Nepal helps you to decide and considered the country as your next dream destination.

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