Backpacking Guide to India

Your Backpacking Guide to India for 2019

Are you looking for the place that you can unwind and built a new memory together why won’t try to visit India and explore a one of a kind travel experience. This article will help you to know about the backpacking guide to India.

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13 Tips for Backpacking to India


  • Eat where the Locals Eat


Restaurants are frequently dampened down for the tourists. If you are in a hurry, just look for the places where the locals usually eat. So that you can save time and effort.


  • Swot up on Trainspotting


The easiest way to get around the country is by using the Indian Extensive train network. Trains are fast also its booking system, so book early to avoid hassle and waste of time. These trains have 61 seats and comprehensive breakdown for the more complex process. It is more secure and private and will give you a sleeper class once you go.


  • Purify your water


The top water in India is not safe and it must be avoided. However, there are mineral waters all over the place. Always make yourself secure and safe in everything that you take. Because health is wealth.


  • Agree on a price before you do anything


Every time that you hire a taxi or rickshaw (if staying at a hotel) always check you’re estimated bill first before you ride. Also if you are in a restaurant if there is no price on the menu always consider your budget if how much would it cost before you order.


  • An apple a day makes the doctor away


Vegetables and fruits are very vital always wash it with untreated water and eat peeled fruits like mangoes and bananas always avoid eating raw vegetables.


  • Bring your own toilet roll


Most of the Indians use a jug of water and their left hands instead of toilet papers. Don’t expect toilets to have a toilet paper. It is a very nice idea that you should bring your own toilet roll and hand sanitizer.


  • Be respectful


Always consider each other’s differences because this country is rich in cultural heritage and deep religious traditions.  You will experience the mysterious landscapes in India for it is a mindful local social manner. Women should cover their shoulders and loose clothing below the knee and some Muslim areas, midsections must be covered.


  • Find the festivals


There are some tiny village festivals in India that celebrates cultural and religious celebration and it is one of a kind experience it is a mixture of striking costumes, incorporation music, and dance.


  • Try the street foods


Eating street foods in India will surely exciting and full of fun. Here are some of the specialty of the Indians: bhel puri it is a mixture of chutney, potato, chopped onion, puffed rice and sev,   vada pav a soft stuffed with deep-fried potatoes, and pani puri composed of potatoes, chili, and crispy deep fried bread filled with tamarind. Always make sure that the foods are fresh.


  • Stay safe


Avoid carrying big amounts of money and always protect your valuables most especially on crowded places such as train stations. Just in case of emergency, get an Indian sim card and a mobile phone to make a call. Women should wear proper clothing and never walk alone in dark places in the middle of the night.


  • Get off the beaten track


Branching out in these places allows the tourists to experience the genuine places that will surely make your vacation extraordinary.


  • Take earplugs


Earplugs could ensure you to have a good sleep on buses and trains, or even the outside noise.


  • Go with the flow


India is a challenging place to travel. You will be enjoying at its fullest. You will experience something new in your life. Always consider that there are some unpredictable circumstances that might happen every day.  Patience is a virtue.

Top 7 Most Visited Places in India by Foreigners


  • Meherangarh Fort  


Meherangarh Fort is one of the famous and largest forts that the foreign visitors visited. Many foreigners come yearly to be amazed and admire the genuine spirit of the Rathores. The Rajasthan fort is about 400 feet about the city and you will see the views of the city. This fort is protected and surrounds by think walls.


  • Taj Mahal


The Taj Mahal of India is a world heritage monument. This monument was built in the 17th            century by Moghul-Emperor Shah Hajan in the memory of his wife Mumtaz. Many tourists love to visit this place because of its incredible beauty.


  • Khajuraho Temple


This famous place is known for its erotic wall carvings and it symbolizes Medieval Heritage. Khajuraho is located at the Vindhya and provides a magnificent and awesome view having such 80 temples.


  • Amber (Amer) Fort and Palace


The pink city as they called is one of the oldest forts in Jaipur where you can see the marble and blend of red sandstone in a very creative way. This fort is nearby Maotha lake that gives more beauty to the port.


  • Agara Fort


The view is one of the most excellent and close to perfection example of Mughal architecture. The fort has a river that has a crescent-shaped and flattened along with straight walls.


  • Mysore Maharajahs Palace (Amba Vilas)


When you see its interiors you will be shocked and amazed for it’s arched, turreted, and magnificent domed. As you go inside you will see the teak ceilings with stained-glass windows, gilded pillared halls, carved marble handrails, and Italian crystal chandeliers.


  • Qutb Minar


Qutb-Minar is the tallest tower in India it has a diameter of 14.32 m and a base of 2.75 m and 72.5 m height. This place is famous because of the incredible and beautiful structure.

Our Final Thoughts About Planning a Trip to India:

Traveling is not always pretty, it is not always comfortable. Sometimes we get hurt or even break our heart. But it is okay. At the end of the day life is about creating memories that make life worth living. Sorry to get off topic there.. We hope this backpacking guide to India will be of use to you, should you happen to visit.

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