Backpacking Guide to Sri Lanka

The Best Backpacking Guide to Sri Lanka For 2019

Let’s talk first the brief history of Sri Lanka for you to have a short background what Sri Lanka is all about. Sri Lanka is allocated into different states. However, Dutthagamani a king of Sri Lanka united these states into one kingdom. In Sri Lanka, their staple diet was rice but it needs to water to breed the rice. Yet, Sri Lanka’s climate is too hot in which the water can easily evaporate. Their only source of water to grow the rice is when the rainy season, which is from October to April but it was not still sufficient. For them to gain additional extra water, people there controlled the rivers and streams. However, the time comes it became the ruler obligation to provide water for rice farming. In the 4th century, Sri Lanka became a rich kingdom.

In this article, it helps you to convince to visit this beautiful place, Sri Lanka.

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Top 3 Wonderful Things to do when visiting Sri Lanka

First and for most, it is important to inform you that Sri Lanka was a year-round destination. In visiting Sri Lanka, you must choose the best and right corner to experience the beautiful Island of Sri Lanka. The perfect month to visit Sri Lanka is when transitional months starting January to April and from August to September.

Sri Lanka is the most inexpensive tourist destination. You can travel even you only have a small budget. There are a variety of things to do that you might expect, such as wonderful driving spots, amazing beaches, and national parks with friendly animals like elephants, monkey, leopards etc., and popular temples such as Sri Dalada Maligawa, The Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara Temple, Sri Vajiraramaya Temple etc.

The following are Sri Lanka top 3 amazing things to:

  • Sigiriya

It is commonly known also as The Lion Rock, this is one of the most impressive highlights in Sri Lanka. You can actually climb up to top and explore the ruins of UNESCO World Heritage place, one thing for sure you will admire and enjoy the wonderful view of this place. You can also visit the paintings there and stroll over the near parks. Another great thing to do at Sigiriya is to take an amazing photo with Cinnamon Air.

  • Yala National Park

Yala National Park is the second largest Island and the most amazing variety can be seen in this wonderful park.

The Yala National Park is located at the south of the island divided into several blocks. Don’t miss to visit this park because it is the best spots that considered in the world to see leopards in the wild. 60% chances you may have to observe a leopard on safari.

  • Pigeon Island 

It is the best spot for you in relaxing! Because of amazing view and fresh air. You may able to do watching near to coral reefs.

5 Beautiful cities in Sri Lanka that you should not be missed

  • Galle

Top 5 largest city is Galle. This City has a place that you surely enjoy such as beautiful churches, abode temple, and incredible beauty. Galle in Sri Lanka is the biggest attraction with beautiful town enclosed within the wall and wonderful sea views.

  • Colombo

Colombo is the best and beautiful places tourist spot for you as a traveler, you can enlighten yourself the significance of caring and protecting turtles the loveable see dwellers because in this city you can visit Turtle Conversation Villa. If you visit The Dutch Period Museum and Natural History Museum will be the best experience. This is also a perfect spot for all art lovers because of the wonderful Nelum Pokuna Theatre, an arts center, which hosts orchestra and operas concerts.

  • Sigiriya

The term Sigiriya was originated from the Shangri, ex. Lion Rock. Sigiriya is the ancient fortress overseeing lush forests. It is located at the heart of Island between Habarane and Dambulla.  Its views amaze visitors or tourists because of its unique harmony between human and nature.

  • Kandy

Witness the beauty of Kandy Sri Lanka, there are many things to do in Kandy such as you can visit the tea factories in which they produce tea up to 300,000 tonnes yearly, witness their Traditional Dancing, walk to the lake, taste the delicious foods at some restaurants there such as Kandyan Muslim Hotel, Licensed to Grill and Café Divine Street, you can also visit the temple of tooth etc.

  • Nuwara Eliya

Surely you will enjoy visiting the place Nuwara Eliya because of its greenery scene. This is an important place for producing tea.

Language and Communication of Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, their language was divided into two parts. The north generally speaks Tamil and the rest they commonly speak Sinhalese. These two languages are different. Sri Lankans can also speak just some basics English words.

Sri Lankans is also a very friendly person so it’s not hard for you to approach them every time you visit there.

Backpacking Tips

The following are some backpacking tips that you may consider:

  • Respect their culture and religious sites

All of us has a different perspective and religious sites. If you disrespect their religious site you will be possibly get banned and deported from that particular country and worst you will be ended up on the prison. Don’t be ever capture a photo in your back to Buddha and always listen to your travel guide what are the proper etiquette.

  • Book Train tickets in Advance

It is important to book a ticket in advance for you to easily go at your desired destination. Most local trains will let you buy a ticket in the last minute, but prepare yourself to sit or stand on the ground.

  • Learn their local language

When visiting a different country you should learn also their local languages before going to that particular place for you to easily communicate with them or better look for tourist guide that can speak to the people there if you don’t know what are the languages that they used are.

  • Stay in hotels

Hostels are places that you can rent at the cheapest price. You can easy to make way to continue your travel or trip with your friends. The best hostel in Sri Lanka can be found in the surfing mecca of Arugam Bay and on the south coast.

  • Research about Sri Lanka

Before planning a trip, make a research first, for you to know what best places to go around Sri Lanka and especially their culture, rules, and regulation also for you to become more aware. It is important that you have a background and planned well before going on your desired destination.

Our Conclusion on a Backpacking Trip to Sri Lanka:

Travelling is not just a vacation, it is the best way to take a rest, spend more time on your family and see the beauty of the environment. Traveling is really amazing, it will not only give you a better experience but it also helps you to become more interactive to new people and to know what their culture is. What are you’ve been waiting for? Visit now Sri Lanka because this is the best place for you to get relax and witness the beauty of Sri Lanka places.

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