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It’s hard to beat the rush of traveling. That moment when you’re off to a far away destination and leaving the daily life behind is exhilarating. Especially in today’s social media world, it seems like the world of travel is closer than ever. Globe Trotter Guides is a webpage started by a few friends who love traveling. Whenever we plan our travel we rely so much on the internet as a resource. As a result, we have decided that we want to help fellow travelers. We plan to do this by providing some hidden travel gems, must have products, and travel information guides that we have experience in. Globe Trotter Guides will hopefully become a place where people from across the web will visit to find reliable tourism information.

For the year of 2019 we have a lot of exciting travel planned. We will be documenting this on the website, so make sure to check back regularly. As for now, our attention will be largely spent on adding great content for other travelers out there.

So far we have started with some great backpacking guides to multiple amazing countries. We are also proud to present multiple helpful buyers guides.

Here are some of our recommended articles at the moment:

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